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Project Management Insight is a resource for project managers developed by a project manager with more than 20 years experience in the field of pm and more than 35 years post-graduation experience in total.


The Forum is the area where you can take part in threaded discussions on project management topics.  Additionally, if you provide services for project managers, such as training, or if you are a business wishing to contact other businesses (B2B), you’re welcome to post in the Forum provided you comply with our acceptable use policy.

Links Directory

The Link Directory is a free online directory of project management related links.  You are welcome to add a link to your web site, or a web site which you recommend as being of interest to your fellow project managers.


The Blog posts cover project management topics intended to be of wide interest to project managers.  They come from the author’s experience and day-to-day working situations faced by all project managers.

Guest Contributors

If you feel that you have something of interest to say to your fellow project managers, then you are welcome to apply to be a guest contributor.  Please use the Contact Form to express your interest.

Alternatively, if you have something to add to existing post topics, you can do so by using the Comments form at the foot of each post.

Review and Editing Policy

Any posts by Guest Contributors may be edited and are subject to review prior to publication.

Forum posts may be removed if off topic or edited at our discretion.

Links will be checked for suitability prior to being published.


To take post in the Forums it is necessary to first register.  Members who consistently post off topic, or fail to follow our acceptable use policies, may be banned at our discretion.


Project Management Insight had a previous life as a Forum at this URL, but was inactive for some time due to some security and spamming issues.  The more robust software now available and strict moderation policies which will be applied will prevent a recurrence.

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